Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Bondologist Blog Mission Statement 2013

As blog author, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my blog readers for the great success you all have made The Bondologist Blog with over 3000 hits in the old year just passed, 2012. This has been no mean feat for a blog only set up on 28 May 2012, and which only featured articles from July 2012 onwards. I want this short post to act as a blog Mission Statement. It is my mission as blog author to deliver the finest in blog articles on all aspects of the literary James Bond worldwide phenomenon, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Inside of these parameters the blog will have articles on the often esoteric, unexplored and ill-defined areas of that inexact scvience siome of us in the online (and indeed offline) James Bond fan community call "Bondology".

I take this opportunity to wish all of my old (and hopefully) many new blog readers a very Happy New Year 2013. There is much new in store for readers to the blog in this new fresh year of 2013. There is much in the ashes of the James Bond fire - the areas other authors only promise you and then leave you unsatisfied, wanting more from the secret source of Bondian knowledge. Have no fear - where other James Bond books and blogs end, this one only begins. This is the promise to all those who enter into this web space called The Bondologist Blog and David Dragonpol will aim to deliver this and more in 2013. Watch this blog space....

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