Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The James Bond Films (1962-2015) 1-24 Ranking

My 1-24 James Bond Film Ranking is currently:

1. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
2. Skyfall
3. Spectre
4. Casino Royale
5. The Living Daylights
6. Quantum of Solace
7. Licence to Kill
8. Dr. No
9. From Russia with Love
10. For Your Eyes Only
11. Octopussy
12. The World is Not Enough
13. Live and Let Die
14. The Spy Who Loved Me
15. GoldenEye
16. The Man with the Golden Gun
17. Thunderball
18. Goldfinger
19. Moonraker
20. A View to A Kill
21. Tomorrow Never Dies
23. You Only Live Twice
23. Diamonds Are Forever
24. Die Another Day


  1. A great deal of esteem, I see, for the Daniel Craig and Timothy Dalton entries. Nice to see the hotly debated LTK and QOS placed in such high regard!

  2. While I love the Dalton esteem... and agree with the bottom three... I'll definitely take the other side of the QoS debate. It's a slapdash post-writer's-strike operation that could have been quite good but failed at some of the basic Bond elements. The villain is weak and the script really barely hangs together by a tenuous thread. Meanwhile Thunderball, which you've booted to 18, contains many quintessential Bond elements and some of Connery's most confident acting in the series.

    But this is what I love about Bond rankings... there's such a widespread affection for all of the films (well, except Die Another Day) that fans can argue rankings and favorites all day without offense. No opinion seems particularly out of place... meanwhile if someone ever told me that The Phantom Menace was better than A New Hope, I'd throw them out of my house.

    Check out my James Bond social media project at 007hertzrumble.tumblr.com. I host live tweet sessions every Wednesday. We're watching the Bond films in order of theatrical release. After the tweetalongs I write an essay inspired by the conversation. We just watched MwGG last night.

  3. Also a Dalton and Craig fan (in that order) and would agree with OHMSS as number 1.

  4. I've only just changed the 1-23 Bond film right round a bit to better reflect my preferences; it's a hard decision on how to rank the Bonds, really.