Monday, 22 April 2013

The Bondologist Blog is Relaunched!

Hello and welcome to all of my loyal blog readers the whole world over. The Bondologist Blog has been relaunched today, Tuesday 28th June 2016, with the intention in bringing the very best articles on all arcane and esoteric aspects of the literary and cinematic James Bond. Gone is the old name of the blog to be replaced by the similar but new name "The Bondologist Blog - The Safe House of Brian McKaig" as my older moniker had become played out on the James Bond online fan community of which I have been a contributing member since 10 May 2002. I still post on two James Bond online forums - namely MI6 Community where I have posted comments and threads since 11 December 2012 as Dragonpol and on AJB007 Forums as Silhouette Man since 14 January 2003.

The Bondologist Blog can be followed on on Twitter where my username is @Dragonpol, I would recommend MI6 Community and AJB007 as the best online forums in world Bondom - fast replies, interesting discussions and respectful members of long standing being the order of the day there, and rightly so. Accept no substitutes.

This is just a small note to explain the name change of The Bondologist Blog. Where before there was Silhouette Man (my old moniker in the James Bond fan community, from 10 May 2002) now there is my real name Brian McKaig. I hope my readers will understand the reasons for this name change - it is not merely cosmetic, but a sign of a willingness to change from the old to the new in the name of Bond, James Bond. April 2013 will witness the relaunch of The Bondologist Blog, well in time for its first birthday on 25 May 2013. There will be new material added as regularly as is possible on The Bondologist Blog, so please do join up and become a blog member today - from there you can watch this space for the blog article updates that are to come.

--Brian. UPDATED: 28 June 2016.