Sunday, 23 June 2019

John Gardner James Bond Continuation Novels Round Table Discussion on the Spybrary Podcast (Episode 79)

First of all, apologies for having been away from updating the blog with new articles for so long. I've certainly not been idle in the intervening years since the last Guest Article (Hank Reineke on Colonel Sun) was published here back in March 2016. In fact, I've been busy researching and thinking up new ideas for articles and hopefully this research will bear fruit and new content will be on the way soon. 

In the meantime, I thought that readers of this blog might be interested in a podcast on John Gardner's James Bond continuation novels that I recently took part in along with Alice Dyden (@Huskyteer on Twitter and writer at Huskyteer Live Journal) and Edward Biddulph (@bondmemes on Twitter, writer of the James Bond Memes and James Bond Food blogs). 

I think that Alice did a great job of guest presenting a podcast for the very first time. Shane Whaley is of course the main presenter and creator of Spybrary, who edited the podcast. If you want to hear more, Alice also appears in the episode on Helen McInnes (Spybrary Episode 66) and one on John Le CarrĂ©. Edward made a great contribution to the discussion too. The idea for the podcast episode on John Gardner came about after a tweet by Alice earlier this year was replied to by Shane who asked her to guest present a Spybrary episode on the author.  

It was great fun to be a part of and I hope you enjoy our discussion. I got the much appreciated opportunity to share my passion for John Gardner's James Bond continuation novels. The episode just went "live" on the Spybrary podcast on Wednesday, 19 June 2019. 

You can listen to the podcast (Spybrary Episode 79) and read the show notes at the link provided below or alternatively you can search for 'spybrary' wherever you source your podcasts: 

I wish to thank to Alice, Edward and of course Shane for helping to put this episode together and making it such an enjoyable experience to be involved in. 

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