What is 'The Bondologist Blog' all about?

The Bondologist Blog is written by Brian McKaig. It is an on-going project that seeks to provide in-depth quality articles on all aspects of that complex and often inexact science of Bondology - that is the literary and cinematic James Bond (and beyond). The Bondologist Blog likes to cover both General and Lesser Spotted Bondology and especially likes to cover areas of Bondology where little or no ink has been properly spilt to date. Brian has been a James Bond fan since first seeing some of the Bond films on ITV in the early 1990s (possibly 1993). The earliest ones he saw were Live and Let Die, Goldfinger, Diamonds Are ForeverThe Spy Who Loved MeMoonraker and From Russia With Love. From there he started to collect the Bond novels by Ian Fleming and others as well as books on the Bond phenomenon from 1995 onwards. He read his first Bond novel (Ian Fleming's Moonraker) in the Summer of 1997 and he never looked back from there!

Brian's research interests are chiefly in the literary James Bond and the Continuation project (especially the John Gardner Bond novels), as well as overlooked aspects from the vastly successful James Bond film series and Sir Kingsley Amis' contributions to the literary James Bond. 

For research enquiries, suggestions, interview requests, comments, criticisms, feedback, blog technical problems or any other matter please feel free contact Brian at the following email address: 


Brian answers all emails sent his way. He really does not bite! :)

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Sample The Bondologist Blog article by Brian McKaig


Brian McKaig BA (Hons) MLegSci - Writer/Director @ The Bondologist Blog (TBB)

...aka Dragonpol of MI6 Community and Silhouette Man of AJB007 Forums - Writer/Director of The Bondologist Blog (TBB)

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The Bondologist Blog is dedicated to the collective memories of Ian Fleming (1908-1964), 
Sir Kingsley Amis (1922-1995), John Gardner (1926-2007) and Sir Roger Moore (1927-2017).


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